Sarat Bose tried to cause rift between Sardar Patel and Nehru

Sarat Bose tried to cause rift between Sardar Patel and Nehru

Both Patel and Nehru shared uneasy relationship with Sarat Bose. Sarat Bose tried to cause rift between the two leaders during Tripuri Congress in 1939.

6th October, 1945

My Dear Jawaharlal,
I received your letter of the 1st instant yesterday afternoon.

Rajkumari Amrit Kaur
Mr. Dharam Yash Dev had written to Bapu and to [Rajkumari] Amrit Kaur about the same matter, and as those letters were referred to me for disposal I had asked him to meet me in Bombay. He met me when we were in Bombay and he impressed me very well indeed. But from his conversation with me I gathered that he has a family and a style of living which is expensive. The ordinary Congress salary will not in my opinion suit him at all. He draws about Rs. 1250 from Dalmia and his father has left him practically nothing. He has therefore to earn his own living. I learn from Amrit Kaur, who knows him intimately, that his wife is a society girl of expensive habits and she would not like that he should join the Congress office. But she has very good opinion on him. He has been correspondence with me, but I am not sure whether his style of propaganda would suit us in the election campaign. I agree with you that he has made ample amends for his past mistake and he has also made up with [Acharya J. B.] Kripalani. At present we are confining ourselves to Central Assembly elections propaganda and for that we need not go in for any elaborate plan. But we shall consider when we meet next whether we should employ him for election propaganda in connection with the provincial assembly elections.

You must have received my letter suggesting that you should draft a small election manifesto for the Central Assembly. We have not much time as these elections are to take place next month.

The unfortunate and unnecessary controversy between you and Sarat Bose distressed us here very much. Bapu has written to Sarat about it. He has probably written to you also. I fail to understand why he chose to make such a public attack against Chiang Kai-Shek without having any consultation with you or Bapu. He knows that Congress policy. He must have some purpose behind it. I do not know what grievance he could have against you. I am afraid his re-entry into the Congress will create once again a situation which may not be pleasant for us all. Bapu is going to Bengal in the beginning of next month and he will probably talk to him more freely at that time.

I see that P.C.Joshi has started vigorous propaganda against the Congress for our attitude towards his group. It would have been better if we had expelled them straightway. Our notice has given him a handle to create propaganda here and abroad against us.

The Maharajkumar of Vizianagram had written a letter to Amrit Kaur expressing a desire to stand for the Central Assembly. She has advised him to see you and Pantji [G.B.Pant] in the matter.

Hope you are doing well.

Yours Sincerely,
Vallabhbhai Patel