Sardar Patel

Incredible Symbol of Unity

Big personalities seldom achieve their mission in their lifetime; in fact, they generally live after their death.

Chronology of Sardar Patel's Jail Term
Mahatma reported Sardar Patel : Like an Arab Horse!
Sardar Patel's Bardoli Visit
Vithalbhai and Vallabhbhai's cherished dream to go to England
Would you help me?  Sardar Patel sought help from Jehangir Tata (J R D Tata)
Vallabhbhai’s Stirring Address at Bhil Conference at Dahod
Vithalbhai's (V. J. Patel) question whether it was advisable for him to join the Home Rule League.
Sardar was forbidden to make a speech - Sardar Patel
Vallabhbhai Kanya Kelavani Mandal - Rajkot