Sardar Patel

Incredible Symbol of Unity

Big personalities seldom achieve their mission in their lifetime; in fact, they generally live after their death.

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Lion Lady of Charotar
16-07-1934 What did Sardar Patel tell the people of Mumbai about the government's challenge?
12-June-1928 Bardoli Diwas - બારડોલી દિન
Tribhuvan Das Patel - Founder of Amul
રાષ્ટ્રપતિ બનવા સૂચન કરાતો બસંત કુમાર દાસનો પત્ર - What was Sardar Patel's reply to Basant Kumar Das's letter
Chronology of Sardar Patel's Jail Term
Mahatma reported Sardar Patel : Like an Arab Horse!
Sardar Patel's Bardoli Visit