Today That Day - 05-12-1949 Resolution on Hindi

Today That Day - 05-12-1949 Resolution on Hindi


Implement The Assembly's Resolution on Hindi.

No Language fights, Says Sardar

Sardar Patel Deputy Prime Minister in a message to the Gujarati Hindusthan Worker's Praja Sangh today, said that the country must implement the Constituent Assembly resolution regarding the National Language of India.

Sardar Patel said : "The question of national language has been decided by our Constituent Assembly. Now it is the duty of all to implement that resolution. There should be no fight and different organisations for languages should not be run."

Dr. Rajendra Prasad President of the Constituent Assembly, in a message to the Sangh also appealed that the people should honour the resolution.

Mr. Morarji Desai, Home Minister of Bombay who presided over the session, pleaded that it was not proper now to change the decision already taken by the Constituent Assembly. The resolution was now binding on us all.

He, however, expressed the feeling that so long as English occupied a superior position the natinoal language would not thrive. "I am not satisfied by the decision of the Constituent Assembly to keep English language for fifteen years." he said.

The Sangh passed four resolutions including one suggesting that Urdu script should be made a voluntary subject for examinations.


Sardar Patel

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