Would you help me? Sardar Patel sought help from Jehangir Tata (J R D Tata)

Would you help me?  Sardar Patel sought help from Jehangir Tata (J R D Tata)

9th October 1945

My Dear Jehangir,

It is more than three years since we met, i.e., before my arrest in August 1942 in Bombay. Since my release, I have been mostly confined to this clinic except for short intervals when urgent public duty calls me away. I wanted to meet you when I was in Bombay for three days on the occasion of the A. I. C. C. meeting. But I could not find time owing to pressure of work.

I am writing this to you in the hope that you may be able to assist me in an urgent matter of public importance. In the coming Central Assembly Elections, the Congress has to set up two candidates from the Bombay City General Constituency. There is no difficulty in getting both the seats; but I want your help in securing the services of an expert. If you can permit and persuada Dr. John Matthai (Economist, Member, India Tariff Board, Joined Tata Sons - 1940) to agree to stand as a Congress nominee and contest one of these seats on its behalf, you would be doing a great service to the country's cause His services in the Central Assembly at this critical juncture would be of immense value.If he would accept a Congress ticket, I would see that there is no difficulty in winning the seat in the elections.

As the date of nominations is drawing near, I would request you to send me a reply as soon as possible.

I have written this on my own behalf, but if you agree, I will place it before my Committee.

Yours Sincerely,
Vallabhbhai Patel

Shri J. R. D. Tata,

Reference : This was Sardar - G M Nandurkar - Maniben Patel
Photo - Photo Division of India

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