The Thakore Sahib of Rajkot, has after an eight hours parley with Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel agreed to appoint a Committee consisting of a majority of members of the principal political organization in the State, to draw up a scheme of responsible government for his people. This does not advance by a single inch the cause of constitutional reform in Indian States including Rajkot. What has really happened, if nothing supervenes to annual it, is that Sardar Patel has become Mayor of the Palace and the Thakore Sahib and his subjects will have henceforth to submit to his rule. It will be very good thing for the State because Sardar Patel is an exceedingly capable and resolute administrator. His success in toning p the municipal administration of Ahmedabad during his presidentship of the Municipality wrung a tribute of praise from an unsympathetic Minister in the previous diarchy. But political agitators will have short shrift at his hands and the men and women who helped him in this palace revolution, unless they acquire a loyalist mentality will feel his hand as heavy on them as on the Thakore Sahib.

Source : Indian Social Reformer - 31 December 1938