Sardar Patel and Gandhiji

Even today in the midst of my onerous responsibilities and heavy pre-occupations, I delight in the company of children. That brings sometimes a ray of hope in the midst of surrounding gloom, a heavy laughter after the perusal of a saddening report, and a relaxation during anxious hours.

Work is undoubtedly worship but laughter is life. Anyone who takes life too seriously must prepare himself for a miserable existence. Anyone who greets joys and sorrows with equal facility can really get the best of life.

It has been my good fortunate to have borne a temperament which adapts itself equally well to the most taxing and the light moments. It was only some years ago that I used to wrestle and sport with my grandson. Very often I indulge in less vigorous pranks with children who can afford to give me the benefit of their company. It is only so long as a man can retain the child in him that life can be free from those dark shadows which leave inevitable furrows on a man's forehead. There is nothing more disgusting than perpetual pensive brows or the wry face of curmudgeon.

Vallabhbhai Patel
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Life & Work of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel by C. Rajagopalachari