Lord Mountbatten and Rajendra Prasad - 15-08-1947

Lord Mountbatten and Rajendra Prasad - 15-08-1947

Lord Mountbatten

Letter to Dr. Rajendra Prasad from Lord Mountbatten – 14-08-1947


Dear Dr. Rajendra Prasad,


I cannot leave my active participation in Cabinet work without writing a line to express my sincere appreciation of the loyal support you have given me as a Member of the Interim Government during my short period of Viceroyalty. No one could pretend that the Coalition Ministry was an easy partnership, particularly with partition looming so large in the background; but you and your colleagues made my task easy and thus proved yourselves true statesmen of whom your country can well be proud.

I shall look forward to the honour of being received by you as President of the Constituent Assembly tomorrow.

With this letter I am sending you a small informal photograph of myself in the hope that you will accept it as a souvenir of the historic time that we were colleagues together in the Cabinet.

All best wishes to you and the Dominion of India.


Yours Sincerely,

Mountbatten of Burma


Letter to Lord Mountbatten from Rajendra Prasad – 15-08-1947


Dear Lord Mountbatten,

Please accept my sincere thanks for the very kind and generous letter appreciating the work of the Interim Cabinet. I need hardly assure you that I have felt it a proud privilege to be associated with you, and although the position undergoes a change today, I am looking forward to serve the country under your guidance. We need sympathy and support and your great experience of men and affairs and especially your sympathetic understanding of our problems will be invaluable to us.

Let me also offer my grateful appreciation of the photograph which you have sent me and the kindly feeling behind the present. I will treasure it as a souvenir of our happy association in a most momentous period of our history.


Yours sincerely

Rajendra Prasad



photo courtesy : photo division of india

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