Gandhiji’s Letter to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Date : 7th December 1933

                I shall keep writing to Ba. Going to prison this time was not easy for her, but God will look after her. showed me your letter. But the fault is not his. As a matter of fact he tries unceasingly to protect me. He does not let troublesome people come to me at all in the first place. His disposes of so many himself, but some have to be brought to me. There is constant improvement in dealing with visitors as a result of experience. But do not worry about it. His will be done.

                Kishorlal has fallen ill in Bombay. He is somewhat better now. Do write to inquire about his healthy.

                Dr. Jivraj Mehta is also considerable pulled down. He is in Rugby hotel, Matheran.

                Mathuradas came along with others and is still with me and will go with me up to Delhi. He is also much reduced and has backache. He cannot move around much, but he will get stronger if he takes some rest.

                The Working Committee meeting can only be described as a mere talking session.

                What should I say about Jamnalalji? He has put on weight and is generally better, but his car is as troublesome to him as your nose to you. I am glad to see that you propose to practice neti but who is there to teach it to you? I can be regarded as an expert in it. Could you not call me in as a specialist? Inexpert use of neti often results in slight bleeding. A twig or straw is often used at first, but you should never try it. A strip of fine cloth should suffice. There is no difficulty if you do it slowly. Krishnadas, Mahadev and Devadas all learned it from me. Janakibehn had come with Jamnalalji. Both left at night.

                Chandrashankar is doing good work. Kaka and Swami have gone to Matheran for a few days.

                I reach Delhi on the Roth.

Ref. :  Letters to Sardar Patel Pg. 29