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Fiscal Integration Abolished Last Distinction Between States & Provinces


Fiscal Integration Abolished Last Distinction Between States & Provinces - V. P. Menon

India News Chronicle - 11-05-1950

Mr. V. P. Menon Secretary to the States Ministry, Government of India, said in an interview here yesterday that with the fiscal and financial integration of the Indian States with the Centre on April 1, the last distinction between Provinces and the States in India had been abolished completely.

The status of the Rajpramukh was equal to that of the Governor of any Province, now called State, so that no question of any differentiation between what previously was a Princely State and a Province could be drawn he added.

Referring to one of the most controversial issues before the States Ministry, namely, the selection of the capital of Madhya Bharat, Mr. Menon said that the Government of India would accept without hesitation any proposal which was jointly put forward by the two dissenting groups of the Madhya Bharat Provincial Congress Committee.

He howeverm deprecated the dissensions within the Madhya Bharat P.C.C., on this issue, and said that the present arrangements for shifting the capital from Gwalior to Indore during the year should have been quite satisfactory, as it was done to suit the economy measures of the Central Government.

Mr. Menon contradicted the reports appearing in a section of the Press that at the time of the wedding of the Yuvaraja of Baroda to the daughter of the Maharaja of Jodhpur in the last week of April the Maharaja of Jodhpur sent 40 maid servants to Baroda as a part of the dowry.

Mr. Menon said that he himself was present during the wedding and those reports were absolutely without any foundation.

Mr. Menon, who is accompanying Sardar Patel on his tour of South India, is leaving for Cochin this morning by air. - U. P. I.

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