TODAY THAT DAY : 05 August 1930


Magistrate's Bail offer Refused.


Judgment in the case of the Congress leaders, Mr. Vallabhbhai Patel and the Pandit Malaviya and others, who were arrested on Saturday and remanded until to-day, has been reserved until August 11.

Meanwhile, the accused remain under custody. The magistrates offered to release Mr. Patel and the Pandit Malaviya and the others accused if they would sign bail bonds, but in accordance with Congress Practice they declined the offer.

They replied to the magistrate's contention on Saturday that the communication addressed by Police commissioner Healy to Mrs. Hansa Mehta, President of the Bombay Congress Committee, was not, an order but merely a letter formulating a request that the procession should not enter the fort area.

The Crown prosecutor maintained to-day that the letter was a legal order. The prosecutor also contended that MR. Healy's verbal order given on the spot was also legal.

In addition to the five members of the Congress Working Committee, nine other members of Congress, three  of them women, including Miss Maniben Patel, the daughter of Mr. Vallabhbhai Patel, were also charged. - Reuter.