TODAY THAT DAY - 03 August 1942

Congress Will Go When India Attains Freedom - Mr. Patel

"Congress is prepared to give it in writing that it will be dissolved the moment that India attains freedom," said Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, of the Congress Working Committee, addressing a meeting in Bombay to-day.

Once India was free Congress would have fulfilled its mission.

Congress did not seek power for itself, but would be satisfied if the country was handed over to the Moslem League, the Hindu Mahasabha or any other party.

Mr. Patel added that Congress had "offered the British Government its whole-hearted co-operation in prosecuting the war and had urged that the civil administration, including the production of war materials and the supply of personnel for the defence forces, should be handed over to it."

But the Government "did not want India's Co-Operation as a free partner. Under the circumstances Congress had reach the conclusion that British power should be withdrawn fourthwith."