Gandhiji's Letter to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Gandhiji's Letter to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Date : 1st December 1933

I am writing this in the Itarsi Dharmashala at 3:15 am. Mira has just gone for wash. When she returns, we shall offer prayers and take the train for Kareli en route to Anantpur, where Jethalal has his headquarters. We were in Betul yesterday, and after coming to Itarsi by train, we had a meeting and then slept in this rest-house.

I have received your letter. How can we deal with the lies published in the Times of India? Still I keep on doing what I can think of. I have now little time for reading newspapers. I for one do feel that my work for Harijans is being looked after by Hari. the same power which draws thousands to our meetings will disarm the liars. We should feel quite satisfied so long as we watch our own step.

I know your eye is on me all along. Will it not protect me from harm? Have I not observed the mother like love you feel for me all the time I was in Yeravda? That quality of your mind can be realized in your letters. I have also seen that you follow others to with the same watchfulness.

Don't worry about me or about what goes on at present. This is God's own work; "Who except Him, can set right things that have gone wrong?"

We are in the train now. I hope you will do the needful about your nose.


Ref. : Letters to Sardar Patel from Mahatma Gandhi Pg. 27