Sardar Patel's Letter to Nehru - 9th March 1937

Sardar Patel's Letter to Nehru - 9th March 1937 - Regarding Resolution for Nomination of Nariman

Date : 9th March 1937

My Dear Jawaharlal,

I see from the Press reports that the M. P. C. C. met at poona on the 8th and decided decided against office acceptance, but on the same day the Assembly members of Maharashtra (newly elected) held a meeting and passed a resolution in favor of office acceptance. They did not stop there but went further and passed another resolution recommending the nomination of Mr. Nariman as Chief Minister. This is too bad. It is in direct contravention of your instructions recently issued in this behalf. I am afraid this resolution is the result of active canvassing for Ministership from Bombay. It appears that the M. P. C. C. is unable to control their elected members of the Assembly. Unless stronger control from Centre is exercised, things will go wrong. I am enclosing a cutting of these reports for your information. I am reaching Delhi via Bombay on the 14th evening. Hope you are doing well.

Yours sincerely,

Vallabhbhai Patel