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Today - 6th August 1938 - Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Demobilises Khare's Charge-Sheet



"While I have every sympathy for Dr. Khare in his present state of mind I wish he would have some regard for facts, "says Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in the course of a statement on the controversy, raised by the ex-primer of the C. P. in his speeches.

The Chairman of the Congress Parliamentary Sub-Committee takes Dr.Khare's charges  one by one and demobilises them from documentary evidence. "Dr. Khare's assertion that the premiership of C. P. was thrust on him is entirely false", and if he was not anxious to stick on it, "He had many occasions when any other person in his place would have resigned."

About Dr. Khare's allegation of conspiracy to oust-him from premiership, the Sardar Patel says, "It is surprising Dr. Khare never made any such complaint in his letters to me nor did he make any reference to this in his report to me on the 15th July detailing the steps taken by him to implement the Panchmarhi Compromise."

TODAY THAT DAY : 15th August 1947

Ghazanfar Urges Authorities to Check Lawlessness In India

Karachi, Thursday- Mr. Ghazanfar Ali Khan, Home Minister of the provisional Pakistan Government in a statement today sincerely welcomed "Sardar" Vallabhbhai Patel's recent speech in Delhi and the sentiments of goodwill towards by him. He said that the Muslim League leaders fully reciprocated his desire that there should be cordial relations and friendly co-operation between both Dominions which are coming into existence on August 15. Mr. Ghazanfar Ali Khan, however, added "it is most regrettable that just when there was the greatest need of ending all quarrels, terrible things are happening in Alwar and Bharatpur States near Delhi and in the border districts of Eastern Punjab, which threaten to plunge the entire Indian sub-continent into chaos and disorder if they are not immediately and effectively checked. I have received reliable accounts of organised and wholesale massacres, arson, and loot from these places and refugees in their thousands are moving from there into other areas and carrying with them most distressing stories. I earnestly appeal to the authorities concerned to check this lawlessness immediately, for, I shudder to think of the consequences if these things are allowed to go on. As for the suffering of minorities in these area, mere words of sympathy would seem poor consolation and comfort to them in their terrible plight; but this is all that I can afford today. We had relied on the Punjab Boundary Force to maintain law and order in Amritsar, Gurdaspur and the neighbouring districts. This forces proved wholly ineffective and Lord Mountbatten's promise about nipping all communal lawlessness in the bud has proved only a pious wish."

Speaking about future the Home Minister said : "Two days hence power will be transferred to both Dominions. We have to see whether the new recipients of power on both sides will be able to manage things better. I can, however, assure those who must be looking to the Muslim League for help and protection that we shall not mind taking any risks that may be necessary to afford them legitimate help, protection and relief". - API

Dawn - 15-08-1947
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