vallabhbhai patel and vithalbhai patel

A political club called "The Indian Liberal Club" has been founded with the object of promoting the scientific study of politics in general and Indian politics in particular and of providing facilities for free and well informed discussions on current political topics as well as abstract political questions. Sir Narayan Chandavarkar who was in the chair said that in forming political opinions exact study was extremely necessary. Mere a priori reasoning would not do and recourse must be had to the historical method. The speaker added that the political association to be started was exactly on the lines which were mooted at a private meeting held a few months ago at Calcutta at the house of Sir Krishna Gupta when the Hon'ble Mr. Basu was present. Sir Narayan has been elected as the president of the club and the Managing Committee for the first year will consist of the Hon'ble Mr. R. P. Paranjpye, The Hon'ble Mr. V. J. Patel, Mr. G. K. Devdhar, Mr. S. M. Varde, Mr. T. A. Kulkarni, and Mr. M. D. Altekar. Messrs. J. R. Gharpure and C. S. Deole will be Joint Honorary Secretaries. The office the Club will be at the Servants of India Society's Home, Sandhurst Road, Bombay.