Stormy Period Ahead of India

Involved Issues

LONDON, December 25. - Throughout its length and breadth the vast sub-continent of India is today vibrant with party slogans and a flutter with political flags as - over the next four months or so millions go to the polls in what for many of them will be the first election in eight years.

Congress possesses by far the most powerful political organisation. Indeed, it is India's only all-pervading mass organisation, founded in 1883 at the suggestion of a retired British ICS man, with the blessing of the Viceroy, in order-a nice touch this-" to reveal the real wishes of the people"-Congress, with its four anna (4d.) membership fee. now thrusts out its tentacles into all the villages of India.

Congress campaign manager is Sardar Patel, son of a Gujerati farmer and Gandhi's right-hand man since he organised his first no-tax campaigns. Patel has a rather sinister reputation for ruthlessness,
"My only culture is agriculture," he- proudly tells Congress's
bright young men.
In organising his campaign Patel has the inestimable advantage
not only of being able to draw on the almost bottomless coffers of the fabulously rich Seth Bajaj and the Finance Titans of India, the Birla Brothers, but also on an unrivalled galaxy of oratorical talent.