Representations of Harijans of Sind in the Constituent Assembly

Representations of Harijans of Sind in the Constituent Assembly

Extract from a Letter from J V Gohil to Vallabhbhai Patel - 10th February 1947 - Sardar Patel's Corrospondence - Vol V Durga Das Page - 305

Even though we constitute 17 per cent of the total population of Hindus of Sindh, we had no representation on Sindh Assembly and other bodies of Sindh except Karachi during all these last ten years of autonomy of Sindh province. Strange as it may seem, no concerted and consistent efforts have been made by the authority and those who hold the back of the assembly with the help of these Harijans' votes to protect and secure their fundamental democratic rights. To be. these people. The result is that they are directly represented by Harijans anywhere today, as are Harijans from other provinces.

Sardar Patel Clarifies Basis of Representation in the Constituent Assembly

Dear friend,
I have received a copy of your memorandum as well as the 10th instantaneous letter to the President of the Constituent Assembly.
The entire plan of the Constituent Assembly is based on representation on the basis of population. Now in the Government of India Act, no recognition is given to the Scheduled Castes in Sindh, nor is there any such provision for them in the Poona Pact, which later became part of the Act. Elections to the Constituent Assembly have been conducted as per the May 16 document, and no alteration can be done by anyone in the case. Your grievances can be represented by representatives of Scheduled Castes in other provinces who are in large numbers in the Constituent Assembly. Therefore, you can prepare your memorandum and send it to those representatives, or the secretary of the Minorities Committee.

Yours faithfully, 
Vallabhbhai Patel

JV Gohil Esq President,
Sindh Provincial Nationalist Harijan Party Karachi.

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